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Our Kennel Requirements

Everything you need to know for your Loved ones.

Kennel Boarding Requirements

Things We Need to Keep Your Pet Safe

Contracts for Your Records

New Client Intake Form
Boarding Contract

Medical Consent

Copy of shot records *ALL Shots must be current*

Kingsmark Kennels does sell Bordetella vaccines as well as 5 in one distempers for $15.00 each. Please note that the owner is required to administer all vaccines to their pets. Kingsmark staff WILL NOT administer these vaccines for you as we are not a licensed vet. We are more than happy to accept owner administered vaccines with the original receipt and vial packaging.

We do require the following shots:

For Dogs

  • Rabies ( 1yr to 3yrs)
  • Dhpp ( 1yr to 3yr)
  • Bordetella (Every 6 Months)

*Not required but recommended*

  • Leptospirosis (1 yr to 3 yrs)
  • Flea and Tick Treatment

For Cats

  • Rabies (1 to 3 yr)
  • FVRCP (1 to 3 Yr)

*Not required but recommended*

  • Feline Leukemia
  • Flea and Tick Treatment

“If your pet has not had any of the following vaccines in over a year then it is required that the vaccine be given a minimum of 72 hours in advance to take full effect before boarding. This helps to ensure your pets health and wellbeing while at the resort.”

*Vets can fax shot records as well* Fax # (866) 519-7133


We do Provide DOG Food and CAT Food for your pets stay at no additional cost.

Though, we HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend that you bring your Friends own food from home, because sometimes being in a new place and switching diets can cause upset tummies!

We just ask that you are specific with instructions and if you use your own scoop please provide it.

Holiday Meals

Millies Meals are offered during Thanksgiving and Christmas – Learn More


Medication is an additional service that is meticulously kept tract of. We record the medication given as well as the time so exceptional care is received.

We do administer Medication to your pet for no additional cost.

Please be specific with instructions!



We prefer to maintain a controlled environment. Thanks to Flagstaff's beautiful weather and high altitude, our pets have a much lower risk of coming in contact with fleas and ticks. Though we are surrounded by warmer climates that unfortunately put our pets at risk. Your animals health and safety are our top priority!

Every guest is provided with a fresh daily laundered hypoallergenic blanket and thick cuddle mat. Standard in every suite!

You may bring the following belongings that will make your friend feel comfortable!!

  • Toys
  • Chewies
  • Treats

*Please make sure to LABEL EVERYTHING*

Dog Executive Suites

Dog Executive Suites for Boarding in Flagstaff Arizona

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