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Why do you not accept outside bedding?

Kingsmark prefers to keep a controlled environment. Being in Northern cool pines of Arizona we do not have a concern about fleas or ticks though we are surrounded by a lot of warmer areas, where fleas and ticks are more prevalent because of this we do not accept outside bedding. All of our linens are professionally cleaned by a service daily, which allows our guests to have clean bedding every morning. You are more than welcome to upgrade your pet's bedding to a plush cuddle mat for only $3 day.

Dog Executive Suites

Dog Executive Suites for Boarding in Flagstaff Arizona

Executive Suites with dog furniture and flat screen TV’S.

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Doggie Day Camp

Doggie Day Camp in Flagstaff Arizona

Have your friend get regular activity on a daily basis.

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Why We're Different

Our Doggie Camp Activities in Flagstaff Arizona

Activities filled with fun for your friend to let loose!

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