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Is Someone With My Pet at Night?

Yes! We are the only boarding facility in Northern Arizona that offers 24 hour animal care! A night attendant is on the property from 6pm to 6am, making rounds throughout the night and keeping a loving eye on each and every guest.

What happens if my pet needs medical attention?

All accounts are required to have medical consents on file. If a guest needs medical attention, we refer to the consent form and proceed with the option initialed. We attempt to remain in contact with the owner through out the entire process.

Are guests required to have flea and tick treatments?

No. Since we are located in the cooler part of Northern Arizona, we do not have an abundant problem with fleas and ticks. Kingsmark also prefers a controlled environment, asking clients to leave all of their pets bedding at home as to not bring in any unwanted visitors. Each guest is provided with a fresh linen daily.

What is the youngest age for boarding?

We take puppies as young as 6 weeks with their first set of shots and a bordetella.

May I visit the pet resort in advance?

Absolutely!! We encourage everyone to come out and take a look at what Northern Arizona's premiere resort has to offer. Our tours are offered from Monday Thru Sunday from 6am to 6pm. Tours are limited during a holiday as we are extremely busy and have a lot of guests to tend to. Please plan ahead to tour the facility if it is over a holiday, to ensure you know what our resort has to offer.

Can anybody visit or take out my pet while they are a guest at Kingsmark Kennels?

Yes. As long as we have all visitors information on file so we may ID as needed. If you are having a friend or family member pick up please make sure their names are added on file as well as having arrangements for payment made in advance.

Can I pick up Sunday Mornings?

Yes!! We open at 6 am and give everyone the opportunity to check out by noon and avoid additional charges. If you check out past 12 pm, a late check out fee of $18 per pet will apply until 6 pm.

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