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Do you offer a military discount?

Yes! Kingsmark is a military family and not only offers a 10% military discount to active duty but anyone that has served retired or not!

How large are your boarding suites?

Our suites are the LARGEST available in Northern Arizona! Each standard suite is 120 sq ft. During high occupancy our suites are 80 sq ft. Our smallest suites are bigger then other facilities large kennels.

How many times do dogs get exercised?

Our boarding facility has indoor, indoor/outdoor and luxury suites with personal courtyards. Guests who book an indoor suite are rotated into one of the 35 exercise yards from 6 am to 6 pm depending on the dogs breed and weather. Guests who occupy an indoor/outdoor or luxury suite have access to the outside all through out the day as well as get rotated into one of the 35 exercise yards. All of our guests are tucked in around 8pm allowing them an evening potty break before bed. A night Attendant keeps a loving eye on every guest through out the night.

Do you groom cats?

Not at this location. Though our groomer at our second location on Steve's Blvd does an amazing job with cats!

What accommodations do you offer for felines?

Our accommodations are clearly the best choice for your feline friend! Our spacious condos offer our kitty guests plenty of room to stretch while enjoying a great view through the large bay window! Our play room galore, gives each guest access to cat tree houses and hiding places full of adventure and entertainment on a 55" flat screen.

What are your office hours?

6 am to 6 pm Monday through Sunday.

What Happens When I Check Out My Pet After 12 pm?

Most boarding kennels will charge you another full day of boarding. Not here! If you check out after 12 pm, we will apply a late check out to your account of $18 per pet until 6 pm. Another night of boarding will apply if your pet stays past 6 pm.

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