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Boarding for Exotic Animals

Do you own an exotic pet that needs to be attended to while you’re away? Kingsmark Kennels provides boarding accommodations for a wide variety of exotic pets (i.e. pets other than dogs or cats). Typical types of exotic pets we accommodate include:Rabbits, Birds, Iguanas,Bearded Dragons,Turtles, Fish, Mini Pigs, Hamsters,Mice, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Ferrets.


  • 1 Animal Boarding $20.00 A Day

General Guidelines

We have limited suites for exotics, so we will most likely ask that you provide the enclosure for your pet along with any food and ample bedding.

If you have questions regarding the possible boarding of your exotic pet, we encourage you to contact us to discuss in detail how we may be able to accommodate your pet’s needs.

Veterinary Requirements and Recommendations

The health of your exotic pet is our priority. To ensure their continued while in our care, we ask that that you provide evidence of the following:

  • Ferrets: Current on rabies and distemper
  • Birds: Complete avian veterinarian physical exam
  • Other Exotic Pets: We do not have specific requirements but we do recommend an annual physical exam

Some of Our Guest

We Board Bunnies

We Board Bunnies

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